Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Inspector Gadget

Inspector GadgetRegular readers of this blog may have noticed the relative abundance of technology and gadget related posts here recently. This is no coincidence.
For many years now I have been regarded as some sort of an authority on matters of technology by those who knew me. However, in recent years I have been making it my business, rather than just an interest, to keep myself up to date on these matters. Coupled with my active blogging habits, I consider myself to be at a position where some sort of a career revolving around technology and writing about it would be something I would dearly love doing.
I have been doing my homework. I am well disciplined across multiple computing platforms (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android) and even across multiple gaming platforms. I am therefore of the opinion I have the right credentials.
The way I see it, the main thing that prevents me from doing such writing on a regular basis is the lack of access to new technology (gadgets are too expensive for me to buy them all just for the sake of it!). However, in cases where I do acquire newly released products, as per the recent Kogan Agora tablet, I was able to quickly produce a review that is as thorough and as well written as the best of them. That particular review has actually gained my bloga quite a lot of traffic, and as far as I can tell it is the best review of the Kogan tablet out there.
So yes, I would like to do more of that. Here’s to you hiring me, Ars Technica!

As a side note I would like to mention that given my efforts with the above, it pains me to see how people like my own father generally disregard my advice on matters of technology. We can talk about it for hours and I can explain myself as thoroughly as I can, but he would still do what his circle of friends tells him to do. None of them is a particular expert in anything I would consider interesting.
For the record, the advice I gave my father – someone who was never exposed to computers and the Internet and someone who will have a problem with anything presented in a language other than Hebrew – was to get a 3G iPad 2. That would sort out his Internet connection at the same time, would require relatively minimal setup and maintenance, and allow him to access Internet resources in the simplest way possible today.
No, I do not consider myself one of those children hungry for their father’s affection. I am way past that stage. What I would love to have, though, is a family I can connect to across continents: a family I can run video Skype calls on a regular basis. Keeping in touch through photos and videos would be a nice bonus. Such a family would give my toddler the feeling that he does have a larger family, something he is obviously missing. As it is, the whole of my international family fails him there: even those with the know how don’t bother.
Breaking news: just hours after typing this my father called me to say he took my advice and ordered an iPad.

Image by Landahlauts, Creative Commons license

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