Thursday, 9 June 2011

The KitKat Indulgence

Experiences, accumulated over the years, seem to change the way I perceive things. The most trivial example I can give for the phenomenon is to do with KitKat.
I was eleven years old the very first time I tasted a KitKat, when my father brought a pack back from a business trip to New York. At the time KitKats, as well as many other international products, were unavailable in Israel due to the Arab boycott (finally removed at the early nineties, but up till then depriving Israelis of the dubious pleasures of drinking Pepsi or driving any Japanese car other than Subaru). That KitKat that I tasted was heavenly; at the time I thought it was the most fantastic thing to ever enter my digestive system.
Years came and went during which I generally did not consume KitKats. A few weeks ago I bought a few packs as office snacks, but upon trying them I was quite disappointed. Instead of those heavenly memories I got to feel an overdose of sweetness in my mouth. No subtlety or texture worth talking about, the way a proper Swiss chocolate works; just an overabundance of sugar covered with some cheap chocolate.
Gone are the days where I am easily impressed.

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