Monday, 16 May 2011

Wanted: Babysitters for 13-15 April, 2012

The Global Atheist Convention is coming to town, my town, again!

The biggest bombshell of an announcement thus far is that the so called four horseman of the anti-apocalypse have promised to come: Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens.
I’m quite skeptical (pun intended) about Hitchens’ ability to attend given the man is busy dealing with lethal cancer and already seems to have lost his voice for good (read here from the horse’s mouth). Regardless: this is going to be the biggest such event ever, and it will all take place minutes from where I live. How lucky can a person be? Or rather, how unlucky can I be if this is all to take place at my doorstep while I still can't find a babysitter so I can actually attend?
This time around I want to make more of it than I did last time. Sure, meeting PZ Myers at the pub was great, but I want to tell the above four how much I have enjoyed reading their books; I want to share facial hair experiences with PZ Myers; I want some book/Kindle signatures; I want to be there and take part, properly this time. I’m excited as hell!

So – any babysitting volunteers out there?


V. Geiger said...

I must say, though my intention was to attempt to get some fraction of time that is equivalent to a decent amount of sleep, I found myself reading your blogs with great pleasure. I don't think I have ever been so enticed by an online format of writing ever. Thank you for taking the time when sharing your stories, to ensure that we can truly capture it through our imagination; courtesy of your fine word smithery.

A telepathic, electronic, supersonic, thanks.

Sarah said...

So what kind of babysitting are you looking for? Someone to take him on Friday night thru Sunday night? Daytimes? I'm sure we can help you out for part of the weekend if he is agreeable seeing we have 12 mths notice!

Moshe Reuveni said...

V. Geiger: Thanks!

Sarah: Haven't thought about my requirements, really, for the simple reason I didn't expect to find volunteers. As it is the program isn't out yet so I don't know what the agenda will be, but if it would be like last time then the Saturday and the Sunday will be the more interesting days. How does an overnighter suit you? :-)

Sarah said...

Sure if he wants to stay Saturday night and have a sleepover that would be fine assuming it is all good with your better half too (as sometimes Mummy's find letting go a bit hard). Is she as enthusiastic about going to the convention as you are?

Moshe Reuveni said...

To be honest, I think an over-nighter would be over-doing it.
You're right: I doubt Jo would be interested in going in the first place; I suspect my problems would be the result of leaving her behind while I go and have fun.
Second, if ticket prices are going to be anything like they were last time (I seem to remember something like $350), we won't be able to afford the both of us going in the first place.
Guess we'll see. Don't worry, though: when the day comes I will hold you up to your word.

Sarah said...

No worries I just know what it is like raising kids with minimal support and I think after 4 years you guys deserve some time off!