Thursday, 26 May 2011

High School Reunion

Wembley Stadium (40)The news that three of my Israeli high school friends/colleagues paid 2000GBP each in order to attend this weekend's Champions League Final (in which I predict Barcelona to trounce Manchester United, extra martial affaired Giggs or not), did make me think. A bit.
At the time, our high school was one of Israel's more prestigious ones, collecting talented children from all over central Israel into a hard science / technology curriculum. If it sounds like I'm boasting, I'm not: in retrospect, and as an adult, I think it would have been much better for me to attend a local school that reflected society more loyally than the artificial environment of my select school. A school where you didn't need to be shows pictures in order to learn what female humans look like. Regardless, my high school doesn't exist anymore for reasons eluding me.
Back to my rich friends that can afford spending so much money on a single football game (not to mention the cost of getting to and staying at London, where the game will take place). Of the seven high school colleagues of mine that I know about with moderate plus levels of certainty, I think it is safe to say I'm the least financially well off (or at least somewhere near the bottom end of the scale). This is the direct result of me moving to Australia and choosing a relatively safe career path in a country where a technology industry simply doesn't exist. Us Aussies dig stuff from the ground, we don't need brains.
Of us seven, two are calling Australia home (yours truly included), one seems to be currently residing in the USA judging by his blog (although I don't know how permanent that arrangement is), and at least one other had himself relocated to the USA from work for a few years' duration. It is clear Israel is not doing a particularly good job securing its talent.
Of us seven there is one guy who is rumored to have become a millionaire. Not surprisingly, he is one of those to attend Wembley Stadium on Saturday night. What may surprise some is the fact this guy had lower grades back in our high school age, which goes to say a lot about the correlation between doing good in your studies and having a successful career later. In my [unreliable] opinion, his success is the result of choosing to work for a small company that ended up being sold for a lot of money to a bigger company. Most such small companies don't get anywhere; he seems to have picked himself a good one. And he was probably very lucky, too.
That's what you need in order to attend a 2000GBP football game.

P.S. Don't ruin the point of this post by asking me about the other colleagues attending with him; I don't know their detailed stories.

Image by Martin Pettitt, Creative Commons license


Uri said...

Well, there’s also the matter of priorities.

If I were to add up all of your blog-reported purchases from the last couple of years (and I don’t mean food and drink), wouldn’t it be enough for that game?

Personally, I flipped channels until it was 1:1, and then decided I just didn’t care enough.

Moshe Reuveni said...

It was a good game of football and a rare occasion where football was the only thing on the agenda of a high caliber football game.

Anyway, you're right: none of us is poor or anything close to that, and under the right circumstances those 2000 pounds could have been spent by me, too.
I think there are some catches, though:
1. 2000 GBP spent on an hour and a half long experience represents quite a sharp dollar to enjoyment time ratio. More than most people are used to, us included.
2. I'd be a liar if I was to say I wasn't at all jealous. The jealousy is not from being unable to afford such a treat, but rather from being quite frustrated with my current job and lacking any promising prospects otherwise.
3. Even though I am well to do by all objective accounts, there is always the threat of losing my job. If that was to happen the distance to finding myself in true financial trouble would be too small for comfort.