Monday, 11 April 2011

If Corn Could Talk

_DSC5043We can learn a lot from feces. Even at the personal level, as explained a couple of years ago in a British health documentary aired in Australia under the Catalyst banner.
According to the program, what you eat clearly affects the frequency of your feces output: eat chips and crisps alone, as per the real live examples they had, and you will visit the toilet for a #2 once a week; on the other hand, eat natural stuff that’s rich with fiber, stuff like fruits and vegetables, and you will visit the toilet once a day or even more. The point the documentary was trying to make is that visiting the toilet more often (diarrhea like circumstances excluded) is a good thing, because no one wants to be full of shit. That is, the stuff that’s in the feces is stuff your body wants to get rid of, so you might as well help yourself. Keeping it inside longer means its nasty chemicals enjoy extended opportunities for interaction with your body, e.g., give you colon cancer.
One method with which the documentary suggested checking just how long you carry your feces inside you was to eat corn. Apparently, corn has a tendency to pass through your digestive system relatively unscathed, to the point of being quite visible when you take a dump. It’s true: I verified it already shortly after the program was aired.
I was reminded of this whole affair while munching on “corn on the cob” yesterday. Earlier during the day we visited Aldi, where we bought some fresh corn, and for lunch we cooked it and had it all – all three of us. As in, the three year old of the household really enjoyed the experience. The successful corn experience made me think, and I recalled that just two weeks ago we had corn salad (recipe here) for dinner; the following day, during my post work lunch Twitter update run (otherwise known as toilet visit) I could clearly see yellow corn down there.
Yes, you can complain as much as you want about this blog dealing with shit, but I will ignore you. For a start, if posts dealing with death are this blog’s most popular ones (as per this case), then perhaps I struck gold with these subjects that too many like to avoid for irrational reasons. The other reason is because I did want to note I never realized my diet was that good till my feces told me so. And they’re right, my feces, because whenever we go travelling and my diet is changed by the forces of food availability then my toilet visits’ frequencies goes down. Oh, and I also tend to feel like shit.


Uri said...

so "do some reading" is out, and "Twitter update run " is in?

On some morning show they had a section about nutrition, and they talked about the amount of crap people on low-fiber-high-fat diets are carrying with them all the time. Some numbers they gave were pretty creepy.

Didn't cause me to change my eating habits, though.

Moshe Reuveni said...

"Do some reading" is definitely in - at home. At work I don't tend to take a book with me to the toilet but I always have the phone on me.
As for eating habits: I never really made an effort to eat healthy (I make a bit of an effort to avoid unhealthy stuff some of the time); I was therefore surprised to witness my performance in the poo department.