Friday, 22 April 2011

An Easter Tale

_DSC3185Driving back home from our Easter lunch at Nandos (most other venues were shut), we saw an interesting thing.
A bird was lying in the middle of the road, obviously hit by a car. It was still alive but it looked as if it was living on borrowed time. That wasn't the interesting part: the interesting part was the two other birds, obviously the injured bird's peers, that were trying anxiously to "wake" the injured and push it off the road and towards safety. There were no cars behind us so we were able to stop and witness this affair taking place right in front of us.
The lesson is clear: obviously, morality comes from the bible.

Added on 23/4/2011:
Alright, so where does morality truly come from?
I argue that evidence indicates it's a combination of evolutionary processes and culture. Evolution, because even birds can show clear signs of caring for one another, and because for animals like humans to be social you need a base to start from; and culture because humans have obviously taken morality a step further when they started taking contraceptives.

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