Tuesday, 8 March 2011

To Boldly Go Where No Toddler Has Gone Before

I thought I'd spare a line or two to our toddler's favorite TV program in recent times, The Octonauts.
There is much to like about this program: it has exciting plots with interesting heroes, you learn a bit about the sea and its ecology as you go, and you get to experience multiculturalism in the shape of different species sharing and working collaboratively. They even have different accents for each character, with my favorite being Tweak the bunny and her American accent (she must be from the south). My own personal three year old like Kwazii the eye-patched cat best, but then again he's an Aussie.
Most of all, though, I like the way the good old Star Trek formula was copied, almost to the letter, into a series that's aimed squarely at three year olds. Spock would have loved watching The Octonauts!

With Star Trek in mind, here is Captain Kirk's eulogy for the Discovery space shuttle. I know it's only loosely connected to the post, but it's damn cool:


Uri said...

You say the show is good, but answer me this - is it lunarrific?

Sarah said...

We LOVE the Octonauts too. Kwazi finally shifted N's singular focus on tools to pirate stuff at least for 5 mins.

Have you seen Mr Moon yet?

Moshe Reuveni said...

1. No, it's not a lunariffic ride. It is almost as good, though: it's under the sea.
Don't worry, though: Lunar Jim's place is well secured. The current bed time ritual is an episode of Octonauts, an episode of Lumar Jim, and then a story in bed.
Dylan's lunariffic rides are still recorded on a daily basis.

2. I like it when Kwazii (check their website - that's how you spell his name!) takes his eye patch off to wipe his eye. Avast, maties!

3. We tried one episode of Mr Moon and I was severely disappointed. So was Dylan, but I think that was the result of my obvious feelings. Should probably give it another try, even if it's obvious this is no Star Trek.