Monday, 28 March 2011

Smartphone Etiquette in Three Acts

Self-documenting workshopThe question of smartphone etiquette came to my mind while hearing of my friend’s Mr Mojo Risin’s latest shenanigans.
Attending a presentation and accompanied by his Android smartphone, my friend was told off for playing with his smartphone instead of giving his undivided attention to the presentation.
Then a certain reference was made to an external source of wisdom, and Mr Mojo Risin and his smartphone were the first to be able to share more information on the matter with the rest of the crowd.
Shortly after several books were referenced, and Mr Mojo Risin & phone were quick to identify the books at Amazon and then shed some more light on the matter through information they picked from reviews and general product information.
The next time external references were made all eyes were on Mr Mojo Risin, urging him to do his thing with his smartphone and get more info. Some might say there were even complaints about the time it took him to retrieve this information, although Mr Mojo Risin blames his carrier’s poor performance there.

Image by Nikki Pugh, Creative Commons license

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Uri said...

At the worldcon, whenever one of the panelists wasn’t sure about an exact title of a book, or the authors name, or the book’s availability, there was always an audience member with a phone (or some other connection) to provide the answer.

In 2005 - which isn’t really that long ago - the panelists had to take notes and promise they’ll put the information on their web sites (BTW, some actually did).