Monday, 14 March 2011

Flattery from the Behind

Maternity pants - 3Having bought several 36 size pants lately, I couldn't avoid noticing that not all 36 size pants are created the same. I took my measuring tape for a spin and discovered the following:
  • The size 36 cargo shorts I got from Target actually do measure 36".
  • The size 36 cargo pants I got from GAP measure 38" around the waist. Still wearable and quite roomy...
  • The size 36 cargo shorts I got from Banana Republic measure more than 39" around the waist. I can only wear them with a tight belt, and unless I have my shirt on top of that belt I look like a joke.
It's obvious that the people from GAP and Banana Republic know how to measure their clothes; it is therefore equally obvious these size measurements are meant to flatter the majority of the public who have grown in size over the years but feel bad (and thus less inclined to consume) whenever they're reminded of the fact.
Call me old fashioned, but I thought that clothes sizes are supposed to tell us something about the article of clothing rather than convey a message from the marketing department.

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