Monday, 28 February 2011

Weekend Slavery

The beginning of this new stage of our now miserable life was at a birthday party for a fellow kinder boy of our son's, the first in our son's career that we get to go somewhere because of his acquaintances.
We arrived at the birthday boy's house tad light (is there an etiquette with regards to the proper time of arrival to a toddler's party?) and at first our boy - like most of the rest of the kids around - was shy. Things opened up when a professional magician arrived and started his performance: everybody, child and adult, was occupied for the next hour or so with his tricks. It was so good I will use the opportunity to recommend the guy, Alex (photographed), and refer you to his website (here).
The magic of the moment allowed us to forget we're just tagging along. Talking about tagging along, other than the birthday boy's parents we were the only parents coming in full force, the rest sending only the mother (the majority) or the father (the minority). Still, I have to say we had fun: it was nice to meet other parents, some of whom seemed like people even a snob like I can have a conversation with. Who knows, maybe through our child we'll get to have some friends in this continent of ours.

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