Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Toy Camera

Fisher-Price toy cameraWe have a new camera added to our collection: This weekend, at Harvey Norman, we got our three year old a digital camera for $27. It is a genuine camera that unlike purpose made kids' toy cameras even features a preview screen. It is most obviously also one of the crappiest cameras I have ever seen; it sort of reminds me of the way digital cameras were just a bit less than ten years ago, lag and distortion wise.
When one buys such cheap crap one does not expect much in the way of longevity, and indeed our jewel had dropped the camera less than 24 hours after he got it. It stopped working and we had it replaced, but I don't see it lasting long. That said, the boy is obviously happy imitating his father: he even puts the camera up to his eye the way one does with an SLR.
Say what you say about a three year old having his own digital camera, I cannot avoid pointing out this three year old has one while my own technophobic parents don't.

Photo by John Kratz

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