Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Supply and Demand

Nintendo DS Lite
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I just sold my four year old Nintendo DS Lite on eBay for more than it cost me new. Something like that doesn't happen too often but it does happen quite often with the DS Lite, to the point of raising the question: Why is there such demand for a game console that has been surpassed by the likes of the DSi and other consoles, not to mention the ubiquitous iPhone/iPod Touch platform that offers superior gaming experience?
The reason is very simple. It is incredibly easy to acquire pirated games for the DS Lite, whereas the newer models do not have this "capability". In fact, blocking the piracy option was the main reason behind Nintendo releasing the DSi in the first place.
I would like to look at this phenomenon from a different perspective. Instead of fighting piracy with a model that is obviously not as welcomed by the market, why doesn't Nintendo capitalize on the fact its console is so sought after because of the virtually endless supply of cheap games (cheap, and not free, because piracy still has its costs)?
While I let Nintendo ponder this question I will ponder the way piracy is so openly obvious in Australia.

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