Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Price of Ignorance

Dollar Heart
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Usually it’s hard to quantify ignorance, but some times opportunities present themselves to allow you to put an exact price tag. Opportunities such as my web-phobic family looking for a special dental flossing contraption they were unable to put their hands on at Israel.

  • Given the short notice given to us, we had to get the gizmo from a shop for $180.
  • Amazon sells the same device for $52. Although they won’t ship it out of the USA, there are plenty of easy and legitimate ways to get it done at a cost of about $30.
  • On eBay one can find multiple incarnations of USA shops selling the device for $50 to $55 and shipping it overseas for $15.

As you can see, the price of ignorance in this case is around $120. It sounds even better in percentages: ignorance costs you more than 250%.

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