Monday, 29 November 2010

The Great Debate

don't hate :: debateIf you thought the biggest revolution coming out of Victoria this week is the very likely election of a new Liberal government, I have news for you. Liberals, Labor - we've replaced one group of corrupt morons with another. No, the most revolutionary event I have experienced last week was a political debate held in no other place than our office kitchen during lunch!
For the first time in my living memory a true political debate took place at an office environment, in Australia, while I was there. The debate was polite, respectful, and featured creative ideas thrown in from all sides - the way debates should be. Unlike TV debates, no one avoided any questions or answered a question by asking another.
In a country where it's virtually impolite to discuss politics and where office codes of conduct try to restrict you from coming too close to topics that might "offend" the bleeding hearts, the fact such a debate took place is of major historical consequence. There are still many grounds for worrying about the future of political debating in Australia, though: the primary stakeholders of this historical debate were all bloody immigrants. Where does that leave pure blood Australians?

Picture by hive

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