Sunday, 3 October 2010

Our Possum in a Box

That little face peeking at you from between our recycling bin and our lawnmower's catcher is a little baby possum. Our possum.
A member of a three possums' family living off our and our neighbors' trees, this little possum decided to make a home out of our bins. At first we were a bit intimidates, as possums can be nasty when scared, but thus far it's looking at us and we look at it and that's it. So much so that when I wanted to actually use the lawnmower's catcher I had to poke it politely with the end of a broom to make it get out of its home (for precaution I lifted the whole bin by sticking a broom through it and ensuring the little creature can't decide to jump at my face).
During the day, our friend spends most of its time asleep in its new home. Even when we put our stuff in the bins! At night it's a different story: it and its larger mates have spread little pallets of shit all over our yard, especially near the fences (on which top they like to stand). It doesn't really bother us, though, and as long as they stay out of our house (especially out of our roof) we're fine with them being around. Given the harsh environment they have to live in with us humans around, we're quite happy to play hosts.
It probably won't take much for me to decide that enough is enough and our guest has overstayed its welcome, but for now I feel like having a cute pet without the pain of having to look after it.

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