Monday, 11 October 2010

New Laptop

I got a new laptop today. Excluding netbooks, this is actually the first time ever I buy a laptop with my own money. As laptops go, mine is an el-cheapo but an el-cheapo with some class: an Intel I5 CPU, 4gb of RAM, and a 64 bit operating system.
Technologies progress, yet certain things seem to stay the same regardless:
  • Internet Explorer, the browser you have to start with upon buying a new laptop, is still the worst browser out there. Thank goodness for Google Chrome.
  • Windows by any name is still Windows. Windows 7 might be the best version of Windows ever, but it's still a pain to work with and a disaster when compared to my operating system of choice, Ubuntu Linux.
The question is obvious: why are we forced to buy Windows each time we buy a new non Mac laptop? It looks like Ubuntu shall be installed on my new laptop sooner rather than later.

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