Sunday, 10 October 2010

Distilled Contraceptives

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My son's ongoing ear issues have placed us yet again waiting for the pharmacist to brew a concussion of antibiotics. The pharmacy was one we haven't visited before, and being a modern one it had this computer screen where one could browse medical information aimed at people who can't even tell what Wikipedia is.
Being that I was only looking to pass the time I thought I'd browse the alternative medicine page. I didn't waste my time on that introductory page, choosing immediately to read more on homeopathy. That intro page talked on how homeopathy was an 18th century invention and went on to elaborate on the divine qualities of distilling medicine with water. When I finished being puzzled by thinking too much on how a place pretending to provide cures dares place such advice in its midsts I noticed a link to a page dedicated to homeopathy medicine aimed at curing bleeding.
Doesn't dealing with wounds immediately expose homeopathy for the sham that it is? I mean, what's next? Are they going to sell us homeopathy contraceptives? On the other hand, maybe they should; if anything could prove to those falling for homeopathy what the rather mundane qualities of consuming expensive water are, that would be it.

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