Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Bang

In case you were wondering why there haven’t been too many reviews in my reviews blog lately, please refer to the work colleague who introduced me to The Big Bang Theory.
I don’t think Big Bang Theory is as good as its British counterpart, The IT Crowd, but it does have one significant advantage over most British TV stuff: episodes. A single season of Big Bang has almost as many episodes as four seasons of IT Crowd!
Of course, the really important question is to do with us not knowing about this TV series even though it is now in its fourth year. The answer there is simple, yet indicative of these times which we’re in: the mediocrity of Australian commercial TV channels, the likes of which broadcast The Big Bang Theory, stirs us away from checking it out. It’s not just the mediocrity, it’s also the way they treat their customers: they regard their profession as the broadcasting of advertisement material with intermittent shows in between. That philosophy explains why they keep changing schedules and why they don’t even stick to their own schedules.
On the other side of the equation are the non commercial channels, SBS and ABC. SBS simply can’t afford a high profile sitcom like Big Bang, and ABC has a problem with broadcasting anything from the USA. In fact, one can argue (I certainly do) that the Australian ABC is more like the BBC’s foreign legion.
Anyway, why am I wasting time pondering stuff here? Let's go and watch another episode.
reuvenim AFK


Wicked Little Critta said...

You too?

I've been hearing more about this show lately, which I had dismissed when it first came out because the bits I watched didn't make me laugh at all. Now it seems everyone's on the bandwagon. Not sure I should make time for it, at this point...

We've been watching the IT Crowd, though...good stuff!

Moshe Reuveni said...

Yes, Caesar.
Given your love of Seinfeld maybe Big Bang isn't for you; I used to dismiss it as a silly program without even trying it once. Now I can watch Big Bang just to see how similar I am to the Sheldon character (as my wife keeps on pointing out).