Friday, 17 September 2010

The Ten Plagues of Melbourne

Grasshopper or Locust
Originally uploaded by Bascom Hogue
According to The Age (here), Melbourne is about to turn into biblical Egypt soon as we shall shortly be welcoming waves of locusts upon us. So much so that the Melbourne Cup horse race, taking place early November, may even be cancelled (does that mean they will cancel our day off, too?).
Thing is, if the locusts are to hit the racing course then they are to hit Melbourne in general. If they are to hit Melbourne in general then they are to hit our house, and for that matter they are to hit me as I go about my daily routine. This could turn out to be convenient in certain respects: our lawn of weeds could use some trimming.
Still, screw the crops. I don’t want locust stuck up my nose!

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