Friday, 27 August 2010

A Day at the Races

As some of you may know I’m working only four days a week this year, with the aim of spending Thursdays together with my son. As I have often complained, those Thursdays tend to end up as errand days. The following list of my achievements from this last Thursday demonstrates what I’m talking about:
  • Prepared breakfast by warming up a ready made pancake.
  • Took Dylan for a wander at the shopping mall, where I got him a smoothie he hardly touched (“too cold!”) and I carried like an idiot for half an hour later. He also had a play in an Australian Geographic shop and at a video games shop I managed to convince him we should visit before I had to change his stinky poo nappy (he considers changing a nappy at the shopping mall a treat, the weirdo). Finally, he had a pizza roll.
  • Cleaners come in half an hour late. Dylan watched lots of TV.
  • Lunch: a jam sandwich.
  • Off to bed for Dylan, two and a half hours of working from home for me.
  • Watch some YouTube clips before moving back to the TV.
  • Another stinky poo nappy.
  • Two machine washes.
  • One dishwasher round.
  • Cook some schug.
  • Preparations for dinner (spaghetti).
Yes, life could not get more exciting when you’re out and about.

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