Sunday, 18 July 2010

Preliminary Elections Guide

With the USS Australia heading off to federal elections in less than five weeks time, I thought I'd set the agenda by providing a couple of "how to vote" tips.
First, it's important to stress that it's not the political parties that determine what your voting priorities are, it's you. There is absolutely nothing but your laziness coming in between letting your party of choice decide that priorities for you and you mastering your own vote. My advice, therefore, is for you to do your homework and determine your exact voting preferences; anything else would be the equal of letting the politicians vote for you, and both you and I know how highly we value them.
My second tip is quite straight forward. Remember good old Stephen Conroy, our Minister for Internet Censorship? While I haven't started the process of determining my voting for Victoria's Senate members yet, my starting point there is as obvious as the sun in midday Sahara: my beloved Conroy will feature at its very bottom, where he belongs.

Image taken from The Age.


MC said...

Hmm I can think of another undesirable Senator who will most likely be at the bottom of my Senate ticket, i.e. SF, I say most likely because when one inspects the people running, there are some very scary propsects.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Obviously you're right, but I sort of ignore Fielding and Family First the same way I ignore shit when I see it in the path ahead of me as I walk: it's so bad, and everyone [sane] knows it's so bad, that I just go around it without making a fuss.
Fielding and Conroy are both Christian fanatics and both mirror the views of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), to one extent or another. The difference between the two is that if Labor gets elected then Conroy will wield huge power, whereas Fielding will always be relegated to the chore of trying to attract attention every time a contentious vote comes about (a position of potential sabotage but not of creation).

As you say, there are plenty of morons out there. Of these morons, I consider Conroy the most dangerous, if only because he doesn't strike you as a moron by first impressions. Yet he's the only running candidate that called me a pedophile!

Moshe Reuveni said...

P.S. One thing I'll never forget Fielding for is him sitting a whole hour next to Richard Dawkins, an experience I can only dream about.
I also won't forget how small Dawkins made Fielding appear to be, and how Fielding disappeared of the radar for quite a while as a result (the next I remember from Fielding is him suggesting that women would get pregnant and then abort just to get money from the government; as I said, shit).