Saturday, 31 July 2010

Party Poopers

There’s something going on with key figures in the Australian Labor Party (ALP), something that makes you think about what this party does to the heads of its members. The record speaks for itself:
First we had Peter Garrett, famous for his stand on the environment and aboriginal rights, lost all traces of ever being a greenie (as discussed here and here).
Then we had Stephen Conroy establish himself well and truly as the Minister for Censorship, so much so he won an international award for Internet Villain of the Year. Conroy’s mightiest intellectual achievement thus far has been labelling otherwise decent members of society, yours truly included, as pedophiles.
Last week we had our Minister Climate Change, Penny Wong, who previously won her fame by doing absolutely nothing on the global warming front, come out against gay marriage. The catch is that she’s gay herself, which makes me proud to know a gay person can become a minister in my government but also makes me sad to see what a gay person needs to do in order to keep her position of power. Later on Wong tried to spin herself out of the rather irrational corner she found herself stuck in by claiming she suffered discrimination as a gay woman, but hey – you’re still contradicting yourself, Penny.

The above serves to provide empirical evidence to the claim that the Labor party is no place for progressive thinkers. If anything, it’s shaping up to be a second grade lunatic asylum shaped in the model of Australia’s Liberal Party.

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