Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's 1984 in Australia

Just what has gone wrong with the Labor government in Australia?
First there was Stephen Conroy, still doing his best to censor our Internet, China style. And now we are informed the same government is working towards forcing ISPs to record and store our full internet browsing histories. These will be stored for a period likely to be two years if not more.
As usual, the excuse the government comes up with is "protection". This time they're talking about allowing the police to have access to evidence in the form of browsing history. However, since when is everyone to be considered guilty two years or more in advance? What is the difference between recording our internet history and placing a camera over our shoulders wherever we go, other than the latter being more noticeable by the general public and therefore something the government cannot afford to do?
This government of ours is sinking to record low depths with its internet policies. There is absolutely no need for Australia to prove George Orwell right; I, for one, intend to bury Labor at the very bottom of my voting preferences.

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