Monday, 14 June 2010

In My Lucid Dreams

Praise is something we usually don't do enough of, so I consider it my duty to bestow my praise on the latest Ubuntu Linux release, Lucid Lynx. This LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu is, by far, the best operating system I have had the pleasure of working with. True, I don't have much experience with Windows 7, but one cannot ignore Ubuntu's advantages over anything Windows has to offer at the moment: Total lack of viruses and a totally free price tag.
By now I have Lucid Lynx installed on all my PCs, both in the normal desktop version and in the Netbook Remix version that suits netbooks best. Indeed, Lynx shines on my netbooks best: The old Asus Eee PC 701 works just fine with it; everything worked well out of the box, wireless, microphones and webcam included.
It is, however, my other netbook, an Asus Eee PC 1000HE where Lynx truly shines. Ubuntu have finally fixed the driver issues this netbook had suffered, and now its wireless and everything else work like a charm (out of the box!). Couple that with Ubuntu's inherent startup speed (made even faster with Lynx), and finally this netbook of mine can shine where it should have always shone: it's there for all your computing needs, ready for action within 30 seconds or so from the time you switch it on. Compare that to the very lengthy minutes you need to wait for Windows to start, and then the wait as all of its startup programs load; Ubuntu is in a totally different realm, the incredibly usable one.
With an installation that takes less than an hour and is dead simple (again, compare that to Windows); the fact that it just works; the fact it requires minimal maintenance; the fact finding and installing new programs you may require (say, a video editor) takes seconds; the fact most of the applications you will need are already there, installed with the operating system itself; and the fact that it's totally free, you really should give Ubuntu Lynx a try. By now that thought that passed through my head, to spend a bucket-load of money on a Mac just because I can't stand Windows, seems incredibly foolish.
Try Lucid Lynx for size with Google Chrome. You'd be surprised just how quick your PC can be.

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