Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hit the Deck

As I have mentioned recently, one of the challenges a modern day homo sapiens has to deal with is to do with keeping oneself up to date with internet social interactions. In particular, keeping up to date with resources like Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, times are tough.
So far I have been waging this war through my iPhone. However, I have recently started using the PC version of one of my iPhone tools, and like god on Tuesday night, I like what I'm seeing.

My iPhone Twitter experience had me going through several apps, looking for a proper partner. I started with Echofon, moved to Twitterfic and even sampled Twitter's own app (pretty bad); all were less than satisfying in too many respects. Following a friend's recommendation I tried TweetDeck, and from then on, as they say, I haven't looked back.
TweetDeck can be installed on your PC as well as your smartphone. On the PC side of things it can cater for more than Twitter: it allows you to link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts too, as well as many other forms of social internetting activities. You can filter, list, and do a whole lot of things and it just works great. In particular I like TweetDeck's ability to filter out messages, allowing me to get rid of all those stupid Farmville updates that seem to dominate my friends' Facebook activities.
Most of all, I like TweetDeck's user interface.
Is it flawless? No. TweetDeck's biggest problem is that it's a third party application, so in effect you're letting a third party access your privates, passwords and all. When it comes to Twitter and Facebook I'm fine with that; I have no state secrets there. Do consider security and privacy before taking the plunge, though.
I have installed TweetDeck on my Linux PCs. It's available for Apple and Microsoft suckers, too.

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