Sunday, 13 June 2010

God Shave the Queen

We are celebrating the Queen's birthday in Australia this weekend, even though it's not really her birthday and even though the majority of Australians don't want the Queen as their head of state. While any reason is a good reason to have a long weekend, please allow me to state the obvious:
Like her or not, the Queen will be succeeded by another eventually. Soon enough, we will find ourselves celebrating a Moron's birthday this time of the year.

Yes, I'm talking about that biggest fan of homeopathy, the guy who spends millions of UK tax payers' money on charlatans instead of healthcare, the complete and utter moron Prince Charles. And now you can read about his latest gems here, if you like, where Charles explains that the worlds' problems are all because of the following:
  1. Galileo
  2. Us stopping to refer to the earth as a "she", instead reverting to "it"
  3. Us no longer believing in souls.
So you get where he's heading. Global warming and the rest of our environmental problems would be solved in an instant were we to accept that the sun is orbiting our she planet and that we all turn into happy fairies when we die. Trust Charlie, he knows best.

I therefore consider it my duty to remind the people of the UK that tradition can get you just that far. For example, if you follow tradition to the letter and you happen to be a member of the female half of the population, tradition will get you just as far as the kitchen. In the case of royalty, sticking up to tradition at all costs will get you as far as having a total dumbass as your king.
I really don't understand why you still need this wasteful institution called The Monarchy. Not that Australia is much better.

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