Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bad Start

Julia Gillard's prime ministership is off to a bad start. One of the areas that screamed most for a changeover from Rudd's era was Labor's internet censorship program, spearheaded by Labor's special Minister for Censorship Affairs, Stephen Conroy; yet while I and plenty of others in the blogosphere were waiting with much angst to see Gillard substituting Conroy for someone with a brain cell or two she chose to keep him in place.
That's one bad. The next bad came from the horse's mouth when Conroy was interviewed (here for the video version and here for the transcript). When asked about the Greens' proposal to enable an opt out option from internet censorship, Conroy's reponse was: "I'm not into opting into child porn".
As far as I'm concerned, that says it all. If Conroy is making me into a pedophile just because I would prefer to not have anyone looking over my shoulder as I use the internet then I have no conscious problem whatsoever in saying this:

Stephen Conroy is a stupid asshole

Julia Gillard should help us rid of this scum instead of supporting him. As long as she does support him and his beloved filter, she and her Labor party can kiss my vote away.

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