Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Way The Future Blogs

To give credit where credit is due, I would like to mention that title of the previous post was inspired by The Way The Future Blogs, the blog run by Frederik Pohl. Pohl is a science fiction writer from the classic era of the Heinleins and the Asimovs, with books such as Gateway that acted as a stepping stone when read by this child almost years ago when I was a child.
My most notable Pohl experience concerned my personal acquaintance with the term orgasm, a direct result of reading his book Jem (a book I should re-read given how good I thought it was at the time; luckily I still have the copy my uncle bought me). I’ll put it this way: my memories of my father’s reaction to this child asking him what an orgasm is are not in danger of fading out soon.

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