Saturday, 15 May 2010

The UnAustralian

Let's not be around the bush: by common Aussie definitions I am a full blown unAustralian.
Perhaps the worst thing one can say about a mate, the evidence is there for all to see. I stick out like a sour thumb whenever I'm in the company of people, and I see it every time there's some sort of a work function as well as through the undeniable fact I don't have any personal friendships with anyone from the office despite the fact my current position is also my longest serving position. If you want to know why I'm not that good at mingling here are the main reasons: I don't drink I couldn't care less about the popular sports here.
Yet the beauty of Australia is that despite being at the extreme end of mainstream one can still lead a decent life. Unlike Israel, to name the example I am familiar with the most, society here is open enough to allow a live and let live society.
Things are not as simple as that for Australia, though. There are many out there who are afraid of people like me. The Tony Abbotts and John Howards of this world don't want people asking too many questions and defying the order of things; they want to make sure that the middle aged white male Anglo and his culture will rule supreme over all else. They also tend to be the ones that tend to tag those they don't particularly like as "UnAustralian", making me a proud bearer of the stigma.
Personally, what amazes me the most is that in the first years of the twenty first century these people are still getting votes. It does bring me great pleasure to work towards reducing their numbers, though.

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