Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday morning omelet

Sunday morning omelet
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One can do a great deal during a weekend, but if you ask me one cannot outdo being lazy and doing nothing. The days of staying in bed till two in the afternoon and then getting up to wonder what's for breakfast are long gone, but the least we can do given the two year old in the house is have something nice to eat when we're forced out of bed. This morning the choice was an omelet, for the simple reason we had too many eggs and needed using them up.
The beauty of an omelet is that it's so easy to cook even I can do it. So here we go - write down this recipe:

-2 to 3 free range eggs per person
-Grated tasty cheese
-Feta cheese, chopped into small pieces
-Chopped spring onions
-Chopped parsley (aka petrosilya)
-A small amount of well diced tomatoes
-A bit of diced bacon (our omelet usually misses on that, simply because to the delight of pigs we tend to not stock up on bacon)
-Spices: thyme, oregano, some pepper and paprika

Note I like my omelet without milk. The act of adding milk to an omelet in order to make it go further was foreign to me as an Israeli, probably because Kosher habits in Israel tend to avoid using milk for no good reason. Today I still follow my old Israeli habits simply because I think a milkless omelet tastes much better.
Also note there is no need for added salt; the feta covers for it, so keep your blood pressure down.

Preparation is dead easy. Break all the eggs into a pot and steer well till you get a gooey but uniform goo. Add the rest of the ingredients (all in quantities to taste) and mix it all up again.
Warm up a pan with some olive oil and throw the combined mixture on top. Cook until it begins to separate from the pan, then take a deep breath and flip the omelet. That's where I usually fail and my thus far good looking omelet turns into a colorful scrambled egg. Cook till ready.
Enjoyed best with a cup of roasted Turkish coffee cooked on the stove the Arab way with some hell (aka cardamom).

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