Thursday, 13 May 2010

Here we go again...

Winter is here in earnest, and - in the immortal words of C3PO - here we go again:
  1. Last Friday Dylan must have caught something at childcare (we know other children did, too).
  2. On Saturday he started having a runny nose.
  3. On Sunday the runny nose became more like a Louisiana oil well.
  4. Monday saw him starting to recover from the cold.
  5. Tuesday had him getting better. We took him to the doctor who confirmed that, but warned against the now ebbing cold triggering Dylan's asthma. Coughing in earnest started during the afternoon; by evening time we had to use the doomsday medication (at least it works).
  6. Wednesday had Dylan improving but still coughing and not eating much.
  7. Thursday the same: generally tired, hardly eating, numbed by medication.
  8. So far it looks like we're going to keep Dylan at home on Friday, too. We'll take it easy over the weekend.
So there goes the week.
By now I forgot how intense an experience looking after Dylan is when he's really sick. To add some extra spice, our low carer's leave balances force us to try and do as much work as we can when Dylan is resting, which means we hardly get any rest.
Don't you just love winter?

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