Tuesday, 6 April 2010

To Be a Movie Star

With Myer selling MacBooks for $1200 (a $100 discount on the normal price), I have been thinking: Given the way all the films show the hero using Macs, as opposed to other forms of computers, does it mean that if I was to put my hands on a Mac I would become a movie star?

On a more serious note I will add that if I was to buy a laptop it would probably be a Mac. As it is, I'm not looking to buy a laptop; I always preferred desktops, for a start. They are more flexible, cheaper, powerful and ergonomic. Given work demands, a PC would tend to be more suited to my needs than a Mac. As for non work related tasks, Linux gives me most of what a Mac does for free.
But they are sexy, them Macs.

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Moshe Reuveni said...

The more I contemplate Macs the more it seems to me like it would be worth giving them a chance, the way I [successfully] did with Linux. The problem is, experimenting with Macs requires a heavy wallet! On the other hand, they sell well on eBay.