Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Parenthood's Rewards

The rewards one receives as a parent come in many shapes and sizes. For example, the realization that going to, say, a museum is going to be costing you more than it ever did because of the extra souls on board takes its time to dawn on you (and no, you're not earning more to compensate; you're probably earning less because someone needs to stay home and look after the child).
Still, I have to say that as rewards go, nothing comes more in your face than being vomited on. A thought that occurred to me last night as our two year old Dylan was vomiting here, there and everywhere (mostly over my wife). Twice.
The damage bill is extensive. As well as having to calm an obviously anxious baby and ensure he's not doing too bad, we threw several things we wouldn't dare reuse and spent the rest of the night cleaning (and, to one extent or another, we still do). As a bonus, we had a steam cleaner come in today to do our sofa. Indeed, the lingering aspect of vomit - its odor - is probably the most annoying thing, if only because its seeming permanence. So yes, you can even attach a price tag to vomits.
The game is far from over, though. We still have additional challenges to aspire to: Take, as an example, the inside-car vomit (preferably while on a long drive in the middle of nowhere). Take that, you parent!

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