Thursday, 4 February 2010

The World Without Us

I was walking this morning armed with two kilos of Yumi's humus in one hand and Dylan's stroller held in the other. Yes, I followed MC's advice and went to get my humus at the source (where it is sold by the kilo at $8.50 each). MC, you're ace!
In between my parking spot and the humus shop lay what used to be a gas station that got knocked down a few years back. Now it's an empty yet fenced block. And on that block there were new creatures calling the plot home: a flock of cockatoo parrots. They were just beautiful!
We looked at them and they looked at us. In all other countries this would have been a major zoo attraction, yet in Australia - their homeland - the parrots take refuge at knocked down gas stations. Which, in my view, says a lot about the selfish way us humans have been treating the planet we're sharing with so many other species , all of which share an equal claim to its resources.


wile.e.coyote said...

I'm sure that this "roadrunner look like" birds are coming for the ME style Humus
Yossi is still missing you, he waited for you last time, but you avoided the visit.
Humus is nice, but without the beet, it is not the same thing

Moshe Reuveni said...

Beet or no bit, there is a huge gulf between the quality humus you can get in Israel and what passes here for humus. Still, at least I've found something I can happily eat.
As for Yossi: given his record for upsetting my stomach, I think our mutual career is permanently over.