Sunday, 7 February 2010


Today marks a very special landmark. For the first time ever, our two and a half year old Dylan played a video game on our PS3. As in, not just pressing buttons indiscriminately or interfering me while I play, but rather playing on his own.
We were playing Little Big Planet when I gave him the controller. First we taught him that pressing the X button would result in his character jumping, a fact which delighted him with every one of the hundred thousand subsequent X button presses.
Then we taught him that by moving the left joystick in a certain direction he would cause his character to move in that same direction. That was harder for him to muster, but eventually resulted in him being able to follow another character on the screen through the use of the joystick. At least to one extent or another.
Obviously, you can trivialize the above and think nothing of this. I don't; a hundred years ago, people would have looked at a PS3 as if it's a miracle bigger than anything the bible could ever think of. The fact that a human starting off a relatively blank slate can relate to an on-screen character with such relative ease is, in my book, a genuine wonder of the natural world. A tribute to the brains we have been equipped with.

Oh yeah, we've had another landmark today. For the first time this year, Dylan is sick. It's amazing how quickly the month of January has made us forget the tribulations of having a sick child at home. Now we can genuinely say that the new year is upon us.

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