Friday, 5 February 2010

The Fall of Babysitting

As it happens, Melbourne's upcoming Atheists' convention has sold out already. To quote one of the convention's presenters, PZ Myers (the author of one of my favorite blogs): if you want to be there, look for a scalper.
I'm not going to be there even though I'd love to be there and even though it's probably going to be the last opportunity I ever get for me to meet one of my favorite intellectuals (probably the favorite), Richard Dawkins, in person. I never even tried to buy a ticket (as overpriced as these tickets were), because we don't have babysitting arrangements because Dylan keeps on getting sick at a rate which makes arranging reliable babysitting arrangements a rather frustrating affair.
Oh well. I can probably catch up on the action through YouTube.


MC said...

He's also speaking at an event at the Melbourne's Writer's Festival about "The Greatest Show on Earth" which from I assume the tickets would be much cheaper if it wasn't also already sold out...

Moshe Reuveni said...

By now I've resigned to the fact we're not going to see eye to eye, Richard and I. I guess there's nothing wrong with it: Dawkins the man is, well, just a man. It's his books that make him great, and I have the books.
I know, cheap consolation.

For the record, I think Greatest Show on Earth is one of his weaker books. Good, but not as good as, say, Ancestor's Tale. I learned a lot from the latter but not as much as I would have liked from the former.