Sunday, 24 January 2010

Tyrell's Two Cents

There's a lot of traffic lately about the new Google Android based phone, the Nexus One. I see it on news websites, technology website, and even within the small community of friends I have on Facebook. So, for what it's worth, I thought I'd drop my two cents into the discussion's hat.
The Nexus One is made by HTC, the company that made my two previous mobile phones. How shall I best put it? I would think more than twice before buying an HTC made phone again.
The first one I've had lasted me exactly three years before it started misfiring so much it was rendered completely useless. Thing is, up to that point it wasn't exactly the most trustworthy gadget ever: It would freeze very frequently while working on something (e.g., running GPS software), it would require a soft reset at least once a week otherwise it would stop taking calls without the slightest of warnings, and in general when you asked it to do things it would misbehave.
My second HTC phone didn't even make its first birthday. Less than six months after I bought it the phone started demanding a battery charge more than once a day. When things got too ridiculous I gave it away for warranty repairs, yet the problem was never 100% solved while new problems were introduced as a result of the repairs. A year after I bought it new I just couldn't take it anymore and bought myself a new mobile phone.
My experience with HTCs seems to therefore indicate their phones are not really built to last. Sure, a lot of my problems were the result of my phones' operating system - the notorious Windows Mobile, an operating system I would never touch again. Yet even if the problem is mostly Windows related, surely HTC should have been aware of that before it went selling their phones.
Like Blade Runner's Nexus 6 androids, it seems like HTC made phones have limited longevity. Unlike Blade Runner's Nexus 6 androids, they don't burn too bright when they do work. I would advise caution before jumping on the Nexus One bandwagon; perhaps it would be wise to wait till the sixth generation?

Disclaimer: The author currently owns an iPhone which seems to be working quite well thus far. However, unlike many other owners of the iPhone, the author does not consider his mobile phone to be god's gift to humanity.

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