Monday, 4 January 2010

The Time Tunnel

Given the recent magical transition of the decade digit on our calendar one tends to hear a lot of summaries for the past decades. At the personal level, the the summaries I have encountered thus far were all about work or children; as in, I used to be an astronaut and now I'm a mother of five and I run NASA during my lunch breaks. Alas, I think there's more to my life than fatherhood, and there's definitely more to my life than work, so I thought I'd mention a few things that happened to me during this decade. Things of the type most people won't share:
  • I started the decade single. Now I'm not.
  • I started the decade in the northern hemisphere and finished it in the southern hemisphere.
  • I finished the decade with almost twenty kilos more than I started with.
  • I finished the decade with a few less organs than I started with.
  • I started the decade watching laserdiscs in my own private collection. Now I have contents coming out my a$$ and the facilities to play uncompressed multichannel music and high definition videos.
  • I started the decade with a 20" TV and finished it with a 50" one.
  • I started the decade dreaming of my own motorcycle and I finished the decade visiting a close friend who's had a motorcycle accident at the hospital.
  • I started the decade as a subscriber to Scientific American. I've ended the decade a subscriber to Scientific American.
  • I started the decade as a jet-setter. I ended the decade locked in the house every evening.
  • I started the decade spending a lot of my free time sleeping. I end the decade dreaming of sleeping.
And what's to come in the next decade? Who knows; I'm not Hari Seldon.
What I do know is that despite the prevailing notion we're in control of our lives, circumstances tend to take the better of us and we are all the victims of a large array of seemingly small events. Some people call it luck; I just try to stay with my head as high above the water as I can. I hope this new decade will be a happy one for everyone, and I hope to make it to its end.

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wile.e.coyote said...

Hope that your next decade will be as good for you as this one.
Make sure not to finish as JJJ hair wise (saw you picture on facebook last night!!!)