Saturday, 30 January 2010

Problem Solved

Seriously now: What is Australia’s biggest problem?
I can hear the arguments such a question raises. Some would say global warming, over population and drinking water; others would point towards economics with issues like housing affordability; others will talk about asylum seekers, whether it’s to do with them being bigots or them being appalled at the inhumane way asylum seekers are treated; and others more will raise issues along the lines of health, education, public transport and all the rest of the areas where big money is currently doing the talking. And what about aboriginal rights?
None of the above answers my question, though, because I wasn’t interested in bullshit; I was looking for a serious reply. Us Aussies don’t care much about things like global warming, we care only for our own back pockets and we vote accordingly. So I’ll give you the answer myself, the one that comes out of my own back pocket: Australia’s biggest problem has been the lack of quality humus. Or, in other words, how can an entire continent pretend to live a normal life when one cannot acquire decent humus to eat?

Well, today I am here to tell you that Australia’s biggest problem has been solved.
A company called Yumi’s has finally picked the glove up to distribute what they refer to as “Middle Eastern Hommus” and what I can report to be the first mass produced Aussie made humus to comply with the toughest international standard around, commonly referred to as ISO Moshe.
The only problem is price: Yumi’s humus is generally sold for $3 for a 200 grams box. You can get a kilo for some $10 at Costco, but then you’ll have to drive all the way to Costco and pay their $60 yearly membership. Still, paying $15 a kilo is not that bad a sacrifice for finally tackling Australia’s biggest problem.


MC said...

I note that the manufaturer has a shop in Ripponlea that sells 2kg tubs. As the a factory is in Cheltnam, you may feel good you're eating local produce :)!

Moshe Reuveni said...

It seems we can always trust you with culinary advice. Thanks!
I noticed with some sadness the shop's closed during weekends. Guess I might take Dylan there on a Thursday - he likes shopping. And humus.