Sunday, 10 January 2010

Feeling Blu

A look at CPL's price list has revealed one can now put their hands on an LG Blu-ray drive for their PC at a cost of $170 while 25gb Blu-ray blanks now cost $6 a pop. While still significantly more expensive than DVD-Rs, the implication is simple: Blu-ray is now affordable, more or less.
The question is, is Blu-ray worth getting into on your PC? My answer is "not really", for the following reasons:
1. If you want to watch a Blu-ray film, watch it on your proper TV where the size justifies the effort. Better yet, watch it on your home theater, where justice can be done to Blu-ray's superior sound.
2. Currently, one cannot rip Blu-rays (while one can easily do so with DVDs). Ignoring the copyright issues which I generally don't think too highly of, it is nice to be able to rip just for being able to do so in the first place. On the other hand, with Blu-ray films available for rental at $2, there is little justification for ripping.
3. As far as home movies are concerned, DVD blanks tend to be sufficient in size for storing the AVIs of even your high definition home videos. Unless, that is, you tend to take really long home videos, in which case you're either Spielberg by name or have a fetish with boring your friends to death.
4. One can buy a terabyte of hard drive storage for about $120 and a 16gb USB stick of incredible practicality for $30. Why bother with a format that's bound to be eclipsed in a few years and blanks that will probably not last more than a few years before they go unreadable?

That said, I'm more than open to suggestions as for why I should put my hands on a Blu-ray drive. Indulge me.

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