Thursday, 7 January 2010

Celebration Day

My previous post dealt with the importance I attribute to the day I first met my wife. I thought I’d add a bit more fuel to the fire by comparing that date to our marriage anniversary.
I consider celebrating our wedding anniversary to be a pretty meaningless celebration. The reason is simple: the date has absolutely no meaning or importance to it; it was just the date in which Melbourne’s civil marriages office was available. Why on earth should I make a holiday of the day in which a government office was available?
Then there is the fact that I don’t associate much importance to the act of marriage itself and to the institute of marriage. My relationship with my wife did not change on the day we got married; all that changed is our legal status. And with gay people not allowed to get married in the first place, and with tons of people getting married for all the wrong reasons, I see no reason to think highly of that institution.
Yet I do see much reason for me to celebrate the day in which I met my wife. Think about it: what was the likelihood of us meeting in the first place? Especially given our differing nationalities (at the time), that probability was extremely low. We're talking along the lines of one to hundreds of millions if not more (it depends on which factors you pay attention to). Yet we did meet; we did have ourselves an incredibly improbable event taking place.
And it is those good incredibly improbable events, like the birth of a child – or me meeting my would be wife for the first time – that are worth celebrating. For the very fact they are improbable.

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