Friday, 11 December 2009

I Predict A Riot

As most Melbournians know, our esteemed State Government is about to impose the new Myki ticketing system on us for use in public transport in order to replace the perfectly functional Metcard train tickets. As in, I can think of a million things that need improvement with Melbourne’s public transport system; the ticketing system would probably fall somewhere toward the very end of the list. I guess the government feels the need to justify it spending more than a billion dollars (yes, you read that right) on something completely redundant when they could have spent the money on, say, more trains and more tracks.
Personally, I choose to ignore the Myki up until I cannot ignore it anymore and it is forced down my throat French geese style. As for what I foresee for the Myki’s future, consider the following events taking place a fortnight ago:
Arriving at my home station back from another exciting day at work, I disembarked the train together with plenty of other fellow commuters (whose number I estimate at between twenty to thirty). We all made our way briskly to the station’s exit with our homes in our minds, but then we suddenly all had to suddenly stop. So sudden and unexpected was the stop that a few of us bumped into the backs of the people ahead.
What had happened? I looked to the side to see what’s going on. And there I saw it: The person at the head of the line was a Myki user and had to stop next to the Myki machine at the station’s exit in order to verify his Myki card.
No doubt about it, Myki has a very promising future ahead.


Anonymous said...

Its not all bad mate.

If you get on a tram or bus that is. I will explain. Get on the tram/bus scan on with MYKI...walk to the back of the tram/bus to the next validator; this cancels the transaction. Sit by a validator and as all validators are on all the time one can re-scan at any time say when a ticket inspector boards. Hundreds are doing this is country vic. The system on the moving infrastructure is crap and is there to be manipulated.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for letting me know. I think I'll prefer the conventional way for now and continue using my Metcard...

Anonymous said...

I mean if you scan on and off within a 30s to 60s then sit at the back etc.