Wednesday, 10 June 2009

One for Tux

Microsoft has always been the envy of the marketing world with its strategy of pushing its products. Essentially, they do everything they can to make sure we get used to their stuff, and then - once we're too numb to look for anything better - they strike our wallets by repeatedly selling us the same mediocre product again and again under the guise of an upgrade.
They can go to extremes. More often than not, Microsoft will be happy with people using pirate versions of their products just so they're hooked; but then, at some stage or another, they'll cry wolf and moan that people don't pay them. Alternatively, Microsoft will cut down its own prices in order to compete with the opposition, as in their successful campaign to kick Linux out of the netbook arena by selling Windows XP licenses for $30 (they also scare netbook manufacturers into Windows submission, but that's another story; read here for a recent example).
The point is clear: Microsoft will stop at nothing to get total control over our computers, and, effectively, our wallets.

Well, I say: Eat your heart out, Bill Gates! Yes, have a look at my two year old and his attitude to computers.
As recently reported, we bought Dylan a rocket toy bundled with a moon base. That moon base has a small computer station. And how does my Dylan refer to that workstation?
"Computah! Penguin!"

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