Sunday, 24 May 2009

Middle of the Road

Every year we try and have some getaway plan to break the misery of Melbourne's winter. With the strange schedule of Melbourne weekends, where there are no long weekends at all from early June to early November (the calendar must have been designed by some Nazi), there is added motivation to go on a break during winter.
And the winner for this year winter break plan is Singapore. As I have previously reported, we liked the place: it's safe, it's comfortable, it's very hospitable, the food's great, we like the mix of explorative travel activities with the shopping, and it's guaranteed to be hot (probably too hot for us, especially as this time around we will not be coming from Israel and thus we will not be ready for it). As the purpose of the trip is primarily R&R and not necessarily pure exploration, we made sure to book a luxurious hotel where we know we'll be enjoying our stay.
The funny thing is that when we told our family of our travel plans and asked if they want to meet us there, none seemed interested; if anything, the majority of replies seemed to scorn the idea of even suggesting the possibility of a Singapore summit meeting. I don't really get the "why" part of this dismissal, though: it is fairly obvious most of our family members will like Singapore, if not for the food then for it being a shopaholic Mecca.
The even more disturbing issue is to do with none of our family members realizing that spending this period with us in Singapore would be the best quality time they will ever have with us. Given we will both be officially on holiday, none of us will have home/work related worries to attend to; we could devote ourselves to doing stuff together in a relaxed atmosphere. Such circumstances do not take place when you live two hundred meters away from your family, so when you live on the other side of the world but still aspire to feel some sort of togetherness such opportunities are indispensable. Yet our families couldn't care less.
For the record, I am not fully innocent here. Jo's parents have been suggesting we meet in Hawaii for years now but I haven't been too ecstatic with the idea. I have my reasons but I don't think it's worth getting into the thick of things here and now; the point is that we have a booking, we've made the first step, but no one will follow us. And no one is even aware of what it is they'll be potentially missing.

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