Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Day at the Science Museum

As proud members of Museum Victoria, we used our membership to pay a visit today to Melbourne's Scienceworks Museum - aka, Melbourne's science museum. We've frequented the Melbourne Museum several times before and have been known to report we like it, so how does is its sister museum?
It's tough to make a call because we had a Dylan still recovering from his latest virus with us, which meant the visit was rather stressful. Yet we still had some fun, as the video below indicates:

With ample free parking, Scienceworks welcomes you better than the middle of the city's Melbourne Museum. That is, until you learn that despite being a member you still have to wait in line with all the commoners to get an entry ticket saying you paid zero point zero dollars to get in.
On the museum's positive side I can say it's got lots of stuff that's aimed at kids and it is very (but very) interactive, albeit not for two year olds but rather for older kids. On the negative side I felt the museum was so kid oriented it didn't really touch me as much as it should. Granted, there were interesting things on display, but nothing that swept me the way a science museum should. I think a lot of it is atmosphere related: the place is quite dark, relies on artificial lighting, and just doesn't feel as welcoming and as inviting as its counterpart from the city.
Conveniences were lacking, too. Baby change facilities are low on numbers and not as good as they should be. Even the museum's shop was disappointing: I was looking to get Dylan a toy rocket, preferably a Saturn model to play with given his recent interest in stars and such, but was unable to find anything in the shops; I thought a science museum would have something suitable. It didn't.
To make things worse, we've stumbled upon the notorious Stephen Conroy, the federal minister in charge of censoring and killing the internet for all Australians. We were never close enough for me to tell him what I think of him and his policies, but then again he was there as a private person with his family so I don't think talking politics was adequate to begin with. It's just that the presence of people like him in this world of ours spoils my mood.
Overall, it's safe to say we'll be back to the Sceinceworks Museum. However, it is also safer to say we'll be back to the Melbourne Museum much more often.

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