Sunday, 3 May 2009

Attempting the Impossible

Some times enough anecdotal evidence is collected for me to start thinking that maybe certain things are not meant to happen. This evidence points at things that defy sense and lack rational, but you got to hand it to them: they are consistent enough to make you think twice.

Take, for example, our home extension project. As stated here in the past, we are thinking of building a second story on top of our existing single story house. Having done some research, engaged builders and architects, talked to others that went through similar ordeals, and had a look at the results of similar projects, we chose a builder we thought we would be confident with.
Together we quickly came up with a design we liked, minus a few caveats to do with the fit of our home theater, and the road seemed paved with yellow bricks complying with the latest six star building regulations code.
That, however, was where we got to back in December last year. At that point in time, our main contact with the building company has suffered a heart attack; after a couple of months during which we were left in the dark, assuming he took an extra long Christmas break, we were assigned with a slick suit wearing replacement. And since then we had achieved no progress whatsoever.
The tackling point, it seems, is to do with us asking the builder to provide us with details. For example, we have been waiting for this slick dude to let us know what materials they are planning to build our walls of; this seemingly simple question has triggered a line of evasive manoeuvres followed by a chain of misleading and incorrect useless bits of information.
I'm close to my boiling point with this guy. Today, for example, we went to Bunnings (an Aussie DIY chain) to get a piece of wood to stop the draft coming in the chimney we don't use, the chimney that's supposed to be blocked as a part of the extension that may happen by the time Dylan's grandchildren graduate from university. While at Bunnings, we saw a guy buying a huge sack of 5 star insulation material. If anyone can buy this stuff at Bunnings the way you go to the supermarket and buy milk, what justification does our builder have for failing to answer an insulation related question over five months?

Impossibilities are not secluded to the field of building. This post should have actually been a ceremonious one, a post in which I was supposed to tell you Jo & I actually went out for a night of entertainment for the first time ever since Dylan was two months old, with Dylan being looked after by a babysitter we have engaged.
Our plan was to go with the simple joys of life: have dinner and watch a film on a Friday night. At $16 an hour for the babysitter, that experience would have cost us much more than gold class cinema, but who cares? It would have been a world premier as far as we are concerned. You see, we had such plans before and they didn't come to be: we were supposed to go out one Saturday night when Jo's mother visited us back in February; as it turned out, the say we were aiming at was Melbourne's hottest day on record, the day in which the killer bush fires did their ravaging. So we stayed home instead.
Now we had to cancel for a much more mundane a reason: Dylan got another bout of asthma, and I caught a bit of his cold too. Great, isn't it? I wonder what will be the reason for us having to cancel the babysitter next time around.
On the positive side, at least this time got to see a decent doctor who prescribed Dylan with an asthma preventer. Who knows, maybe the devil will need bump up his creativity by the next time we plan to go out?

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