Wednesday, 1 April 2009

United in Atheism

Let me break the news to you: The Pope’s an atheist.
As they say in films, “I shit you not”. If you don’t believe me just go ahead and ask him: “Mr Pope, do you believe in Thor?”
“No, my son/daughter.”
“Do you believe in Zeus?”
“No, everyone knows that Zeus is a god invented by people.”
“So, do you believe in Buddha?”
“Come on, don’t mess me with trivial eastern belief systems.”
“Alright then, what about Muhammad?”
Seeking to get away with it while sounding politically correct our Pope would give you an evasive answer here, but trust me – he does not believe in Muhammad.
Similarly, you can go with him over a list of hundreds if not thousands belief systems in actual use by people somewhere around the world and see that the Pope dismisses them all. He won’t be able to disprove many if not most of them, but he will still tell you they are improbable enough for us to be able to avoid paying them any attention.
So let’s look ourselves in the mirror and admit it: It’s not just the Pope, we are all atheists towards a great many things.

When looked at this way, the only difference between the Pope and I is that while he is an atheist towards all belief systems but one, I’m an atheist towards all of them. Our disagreement is on just one out of a multitude if faiths.
And when I go about explaining why that single difference exists between the two of us I will be using the exact same arguments the Pope had used to dismiss all belief systems but his.

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