Sunday, 5 April 2009

True Lies

Connex, the company running Melbourne's train services, has announced today that it had reached an agreement with its train drivers' union. The drivers will receive a 15% pay rise (not bad given the current atmosphere), and in return the classification of train faults would be revised so that more problems would now count as lesser issues so as to allow train services to continue without repairs.
For the purpose of this discussion, I will ignore the politics involved here and the potential for having faulty trains running at increased passenger risk. What I do want to focus on is the person making the announcement on behalf of Connex, a person with whom we share more than 99% of our genes. A person that can blend in a crowed without us ever knowing there was anything special about him.
Announcing the agreement, Connex' spokesperson proclaimed over the radio that "the new agreement will improve the trains". Notice he didn't say the agreement would improve train services' reliability; he said the agreement will improve the trains. Now I know that salespeople all over the world and spokespersons across the universe are well versed in the art of making a big fuss out of some small truth as well as the art of creating spin to help guide people towards their preferred interpretation of facts.
What I am not used to, though, is blatant lying. There is no way in which disregarding certain faults can improve the trains, and obviously anyone making this claim is knowingly lying. My question to this spokesperson, who seems to have come from Orwell's Ministry of Truth and who acts as if he is closely related to Joseph Goebbels, is this:
How can you look yourself in the mirror after uttering such bullshit to the whole of Melbourne? Don't you have a conscience? How can you look yourself in the mirror?


Uri said...

Levana's bank (Leumi, if you care) is no longer open of Fridays. The reason is that they "want to improve service".

Having a credit card gives you 30 days of insurance when travelling abroad. It used to be automatic, but now you have to call everytime before you leave the country and activate it (and listen to a sales pitch suggesting improved coverage for just pennies a day). The reason? You guessed it - to improve the quality of the service.

There are plently more examples.

So in short, I'm not as impressed with your train guy.

Moshe Reuveni said...

You are right, of course. These lies are everywhere.
The point I was trying to make (but obviously failed) is that there are some very specific people who utter those lies, and that these people need to look themselves in the mirror. And I just don't know how they manage that.