Friday, 24 April 2009


There was this woman from the Northern Territory, today on Triple J radio's Hack program, arguing that if a 15 year old boy was to go buying condoms he should be reported to the police. The reason given was that this boy is a minor for whom it is illegal to have sex, and that this is important in order to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
What is the matter here? Are we turning into a police state where everything is regulated according to some divine, as in inhumane, standards? I would argue this woman making the claims should be desexed, because that will also effectively reduce the chances of sexually transmitted diseases' spread. More seriously, though, I argue that 15 year olds should be encouraged to buy condoms. Sure, they're probably not mature enough to deal with sex the way I think it should be dealt, but let's not put our heads in the sand and ignore that everything around them is calling on them to go with their flow and have sex; we're all surrounded by porn. When these kids do follow their basic instincts, and it's a question of when rather than if, I'd much rather them to go about it while using condoms. If anything, it's a sign of taking responsibility.
For the record, I would be more than happy to buy condoms for Dylan, especially if it became illegal for him to do so. The only catch is that a parent acquiring condoms for him might make the whole affair look too uncool.

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