Sunday, 19 April 2009

A Day at the Museum

We took Dylan to the Melbourne Museum today.
As I have said here in the past, it's a really nice natural history museum. Unlike counterparts I have had the pleasure of visiting in London and New York it is not overwhelming; while it does not have the same shock and awe factor as the big guns, it is rather charming and very digestible as a result.
I am also proud to report that Jo & I signed up to become museum members. For a fee of $70 per year we will now be entitled to visit as many times as we want. The deal includes visits to the Science Museum (which we are yet to visit), visits to similar museums in Australia and New Zealand, and discounts on special exhibitions and the planetarium.
One of the special exhibitions coming up in June is the Star Wars one Jo & I have seen in Sydney back in 2002; I'm looking forward to attacking it again, this time with a digital SLR (that last time was one of the last occasions I had used my film SLR). Another reason I am looking forward to this exhibition is me wanting to have a new book marker: you see, the one I have been using over the last few years is actually my ticket from that 2002 exhibition.
I do have to add that an important reason for me being proud of my museum membership is to do with what the museum stands for. Instead of explaining why I'll just say the museum has a prominent exhibition on Darwin, genes and evolution; and in the area dedicated to the human mind they explicitly say that scientists today are of the opinion that the mind is the product of the brain activities. They don't talk about souls or other things that do not have evidence to back their claims up with; they think the way I do.

As for the above video:
While at the museum, and in addition to taking some photos (but not too many because Dylan didn't allow us to see much of the museum), I took several short video clips of Dylan in action at the museum's playground. They have this area dedicated for kids, which means that now we're members the place will be a good venue to take Dylan to so he can exhaust his energy supplies.
At home I have combined all clips to one long video (seven and a half minutes), and the result is up there for you to view. It's not the most intriguing video you will ever see, but it does document a lot of things about the way Dylan is: The things he's attracted to, his claim of ownership over everything in his vicinity, his ability to repeat things fifty times, his short attention span, his speech, and his general cuteness. It also demonstrates kids' ability to be truly nasty to one another, but I guess this is where parents are meant to participate in the creation of a civilized person.
It was a lovely day with a healthy and happy Dylan. I just know that with winter in the air it's going to be all downhill from here...

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